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California cycles/classy cycles PCB Collen swab Scammers trying to get money off me for a trash cart that didnít even make it down the road had to call police! Panama City beach Florida!!. Rented a golf cart 5/10/18 paid 180$ (100$ deposit) paid for 24 hours I go down the road and it just stopped like the brakes lock up or something (I was driving down the road) I thought it was a blow out or someone hit me i jump out and push it to the side of the road into a parking lot (Iu2019m 100 pounds). I was calling the issue number for a hour 1/2 and no one would pick up so I called the police department they came and said they Called the wrong scooter rental place that California cycle said wouldnu2019t pick up for them either but the other owner of another rental place said it wasnu2019t his property he couldnu2019t touch it but nothing looked wrong with it and that all we had to do is drive in reverse and go downbeat the hill then try to go. but I didnu2019t want to do that because I didnu2019t want to mess anything up. so I got the police officer to tow it I didnu2019t wanna anything to leave their golf cart in the middle of a parking out (I wasnu2019t being nice). the police gave me a ride back to whereu2019s was staying. I left voicemails to this place saying I got it towed but I still have the key and I will bring it back tomorrow so I can get my money back because you put me in a trashed cart when I couldu2019ve got hurt! So I call the next morning and they told me that it wasnu2019t my fault and that I can come get anotheru2019s one so i walked a mile down the road and I saw an nice man thatu2019s said letu2019s go in and get you another one. so we follow him inside and the lady at the front said the owner is on the way to talk to us about what can be done and I was like you put me and my two friends in a cart that couldu2019ve killed up driving down the road thereu2019s nothing to talk to me about I want my money back and the owner came Collen swab sheu2019s the rudest most horrible person I have ever met. she took my credit card number and charged 100$ without my permission in front of me for a tow fee and I said I didnu2019t tell you to do that so refund that money now and she said that I own 1300$ for a rear end I told her I didnu2019t have that kind of money why does a rear end cost that much? And I said I wouldnu2019t have needed a tow truck if the number that you gave me for any issues if someone picked up the phone she said in the rudest and sarcastic tone “sorry I was sleeping I didnu2019t have time for you or anyone elseu201d .she Started yelling and screaming that I was going to lose my drivers license if I didnu2019t pay her and I called the police again and they verified that I didnu2019t do any damage and that I canu2019t lose my license and that I didnu2019t have to pay them! So I walked out with 300$ charged on my friends credit card because of a mistake I made even renting anything from them and I will Be first in line to watch this place get shut down! They have done horrible things to a lot of people and I wish the police and state of Florida will shut them down for good!

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