Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc. Review


I usually order my oils from Young Living but becasue of my organization’s restructing my new director asked that I go with Camden-Grey since they’ve used the several times in the past. We have an aromaptherapy prorgram, so we would be placing lots of recurring orders with them. I ordered their incredibly cheap oil and upon completing my order, I sent them an email stating that we are tax exempted and to refund the tax as well as save the information for future orders. This is how all other companies work, making future orders hassels free. Hoewever, with Camden, Susan emailed me quoting her company’s policy and ended her email by saying they look forward to serving me again. Yes, I completely missed the the box that states I must enter my exemption information but I would think as a business, they would want to make their customers happy and as a courtesy refund the $2.00. They did not. I replied sharing my feelings and that I won’t continue business with them. She, for some reason, she felt the need to reply by stating: | Thanks for replying, Ms. gile. Whatever decision you take, it’s your decision. Please notice that the text we included in our previous email stated: Enter your Florida sales tax # to avoid being charged NON-REFUNDABLE Florida sales tax. | The text is there for only one reason, to let Florida tax exempt customers what they must do in order to avoid being charged non-refundable sales tax. | Have a good evening! | You can read that this person is tit for tat type of a person. Quiet pridfeful. There is a reason | Since customer service is lacking shis company I absolutely believe what others has write about this company. If they are willling to loose a potential life-long customer over $2 it means alots. Sadly, I would have gone with them even though the oils smelled funny only because my director asked me to and I didn’t care. Instead, I will share my first impression experience with my director and let her know that I will continue using Young Living. | Also, there is a reason why they don’t answer the phone…think about it.


Name: Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Miami

Address: 3579 NW 82nd Ave

Phone: 305-500-9630


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