Complaint: According to the Better Business Bureau of North Carolina and as witnessed by myself, Stephen Birdsong ( owner) of Camdon AutoSports (aka….Fast Cash 4 Cars) are making quite the name for themselves selling “lemon”” cars on ebay.They advertise beautifully reconditioned low mileage cars that “”look and drive as though they were years younger”” BUT in fact are far from being that.Their mode of operating is to dupe the buyer into making an offer on ebay where the car is fully insured under a buyers protection program

Tags: Auto Dealers

Address: telling the buyer that the offer is too low but if they take the deal off ebay and sell it privately

Website: Mr Birdsong will come off at firat as some sympathetic owner who always likes to make good for his customers.Of course after dragging you around for several months you finally realize that you never were going to get any support from Mr Birdsong and that you have been duped. Thank goodness there are websites like this where we can let others know exactly how this person conducts himself with in the community.”

Phone: they can make the deal work.Of course once off ebay

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