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camelback vw and subaru phoenix az never again terrible customer service and sales phoenix Internet!!. We purchased a auto from you on July 26th 2018 a 2018 Scion FRS and traded in a practically BN Hyundai Tucson with new tires new battery new o2 sensors and tip top shape, and let me tell me you this has been the worst experience of our lives at a car dealership ever !! The sales person Steve obviously cared only bout his commission, due to I told him when i DROVE THE CAR FOR A TEST DRIVE, that the clutch does not feel right and want it looked a before purchase but you were at nth end so he replied back walk with me outside as (we did my wife and I ) and said see that the Scion dealership its right across the st. take it over there to have it looked it, when you come back here ( cause we needed to be at work the nxt day 5hours away, I said why canu2019t your service dept. look at this before buying and I quote we do inspect all vechiles but we can not state that is ASE preowned certified unless itu2019s a VW or Subaru as we have to pay a fee for that per Steve. so I took a chance and purchased the car boy was this a mistake. Not only did they screw us with selling us a bad clutch and stripped exhaust bolt causing issues but also kept my license plate on my Hyundai and sent it to auction with it after posting it on the internet wit the full license plate visible so I had to contact NY state to find out what to do to trade in 1 plate not 2 but 1 you see NY requires 2 plates to cancel reg. there not 1. So then i asked to speak to someone else at your dealership i spoke to Jeff, who gave me to another sales guy then Kyle then in acting Kim the service dept. I was passed around like a hot potato all trying to figure how to get my plate back so I can cancel my plate in NY nobody could help me nobody knows anything. I am still waiting for an answer u2026 2 Accts. Payable we are paying a note to you been doing every week a little over half paid I call to speak to Tony and hear Tony doesnu2019t work here no more ( to set up our 1st pmt. ) than I get passed to Kyle ( Kyle was a good guy i thought ) to make our 1st pmt. arrangements, I call back following wk again to hear Kyle is not there, Kay says omg ok well Iu2019m gonna help you get your plate back and reimburse the money that you and your wife had to spend on hotel and food to get your car inspected an fixed ( cause VW just sold it to us on the lot with not a care in the world other than month. end ) I now found out 1 wk later after hearing from Kay that day o i see the guy twice a day at least, I will call you back to make reimbursement arrangements in the next hour. Waiting to see what kind of refund should be brought to us, now I get passed off to the service director Todd Hayes and hear from Kay that he tried calling us numerous times and no answer well guess what no VM either inn his u201cendu201d ( I will show you the bill if need be from Verizon showing no call was ever placed to our phones . She lied now to find out, what why a service director should have no rectifying of weather we are to get paid or not thatu2019s suppose to be from the company as good customer service. I have had it with being tossed around o and btw we live 5 hours from the dealership so its not around the corner needing this work mimed. work done per the RO from scion you see you sold us a car with bad pressure plate bent! meaning the car was not 100% when sold to us granted it was used but this could of caused a serious transmission issue or svn engine failure per CAMELBACK Scion ( which we had to get a rental for 5 days almost cause the part was special order )so what were looking for is at least half of our money back ($300) for the hotel and food we had to spend and missed work as well to get this fixed for the inconvenience and incompetence of the company for us to drive 5 hours to get something fixed that should of been fixed to begin with before selling us a car that we noticed right away and were pushed to buy the car and deal with it consequences later if any and there were. I think ( $300 is a fair compromise ) in addition to this we want the fees reimbursed to us from NY for the missing plate that you forgot to take off our vechile after posting our plate all over the web u201c $ 60 u201c Also it took your company 1 month .. why to get a payoff to our old bank with the tucson paid off ( Wells Fargo ) meaning at the time our loan was still active and coming up to force us to make another pmt so we didnu2019t have a 30 day on our credit report this was absurd,

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