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I ordered the product first of March of 2014, at an introductory rate of $4.95 for shipping only, then I cancelled it on March 5th 2014 and was given a cancellation number of JB0305. Then I received two back to back packages of the product for April & May in the same week! I returned the products to the perspective addresses (2 Canbogia to the Fullment Center in Georgia, 2 Coffee Plus to the Zymbiotix Utah address) as it was stated on the shipping labels. They charged me 3 times $179.94 (3 $89.95 for coffee, 3 $89.99 for cambogia) on my credit card!! I called the company at the Fullment Center (1885-B Beaver Ridge Circle Norcross Ga. 30071), and the woman (who would not give me her name!) said she had no record of me cancelling the products, even though I had a cancellation number!! She said she would cancell the order which was now in May!! She told me because I opened the first set to try (supposed to be $4.95), she would not credit that $179.94!! I told her I sent the other two months (April & May) of unopened products back, but they only credited me back for one! I should have not been charged for ANY of these products, except $4.95, but they have charged me full price for all three!! The fact she credited me for one set means she is lying about not receiving the others because they were together. I have the shipping receipts! So they now have two sets of products AND my money!!! Isn’t that a federal offense??? They owe me another $359.88!!! So, Dr. Oz, you shouldn’t be promoting these people!!! I think I will contact Liz Crenshaw at 7 on your side…somebody has to stop these people!!!

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