Canadian Extracts Hemp


I ordered what I thought was a 16 day free trial bottle of Canadian Extract for $4.95 and then on checkout added some cream for another $4.95. The ads are very deceptive in that the extract you receive is a small bottle (594 mg) which quite frankly looks like a 16 day supply and same with the cream which also appears to be a sample. The ad says that if you are not satisfied you simply have to cancel your membership and they will not send a monthly supply. So hereís where the scam comes in; the order is in fact your first months supply which is charged to your account on the 16th day after the order date, and the trial period is from the date of order not of receipt. In my case I ordered this as a surprise for my wife who has back aches and problems sleeping and I thought maybe she should try this stuff. However when she saw it was a Hemp product she absolutely refused to try it.

I received the order on Oct.27th and cancelled my membership by email on Nov.3rd. The company confirmed receipt of the email and confirmed cancellation as of Nov. 5th. Two problems here in that unknowingly I in fact met the 16 day trial period from date of order (Oct.17 Ė Nov. 3) and was actually 10 days early from date of receipt. All looked good BUT !! on Dec.5th I received my Mastercard statement and noted I had been charged $136.95 ($99.95US) for the oil and on Nov.1st and $133.19 ($97.99US) for the cream.

I immediately phoned the company who informed me like too bad I had missed the 16 day cancellation which I didnít because I advised them on Nov.3rd (the 16th day from the order date).

They simply said my membership was cancelled on Nov.5th and I would not be sent any more under their auto-ship program. It was also now too late to return the product, even though it has not been opened, because they have a 30 day return policy. So Iím left holding the bag and out $270.00 ! The oil and cream containers are still sealed, is there anything you can you help me recover my funds ?

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