Canadian Tire Almonte Ontario Review


I purchased a light fixture which had a glass globe from Canadian Tire in Carleton Place 4 days after I put it up the glass began to crack. I proceeded to return the glass globe to have it replaced but instead had to have a new one ordered and because I didnt have my reciept the store gave me a store credit towards the purchase of the new light for only 50% of what I paid for it initially. nI fail to see the logic behind the loss of 50% of my money. If they believe I stole it or didnt buy it there why would I order a replacement and why would they give a crook some store credit??? nI even spoke with the Manager of lighting telling him what a rip off it was but he didnt even acknowlege my complaint. nI appreciate this website allowing me to vent. nJoeannnAlmonte, OntarioCanada

485 McNeely Ave. Carleton Place, Ontario Canada

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