This gentleman, as we found out later, planned on keeping the puppy in his backyard all the time. Not at home. After the 1st night of poor puppy howling outside in the open, alone in his crate, afraid of the neighbor’s, Kulvinder (owner’s name – who wrote the above post), contacted us. We told him this was a home raised dog and he needed to be at home, not in the backyard 24/7. After a few days the owner contacted us saying the dog was too much work and required too much attention and whined in the crate and he couldn’t handle it, and he needed to send him back asap. | We took the puppy back. Because personal issues of the buyers are not covered by the health guarantee, refunds are not an option. We did mail two partial refund checks to this gentleman later. | This was a very negative experience due to numerous emails from this person filled with various metaphorical expressions and vulgarity. Trying to explain how things work when you buy a dog, how to raise a dog – all fell on deaf ears. Common sense was obviously missing. | All screen shots of emails, vet records, check ups available.



Country: United States

State: Virginia

City: Broad Run

Address: 6205 Beverly’s Mill Road



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