CanTech Solutions Ltd. Review


I met David Gradney last year hoping that he could help me out with so debts and to make desicions on how to go about that after a few conversations prior to meeting him in Temecula in 2016 ,I had decided that I wanted to obtain a CPN # and go through that process,so i paid him $700 to start that process,I was told about how it works and what to expect and info that would be needed,so i proceeded to provide all the info needed and recieved a reciept soon after,I understood what was expected as far as what it could do for me and what the next step would be , | so i waited for him to do what was needed and recieved what he had said would happen ,but after recieving the # and reading over things ,I also realized that he had not registered it like he said he would and that part of this process is important after asking him there was a laps of time and excuses,so i waited ,with questions along gthe way ,when it came to the point of ordering other things for that # his prices were unrealstic and was made to be as if that was the only choice. | Time had lapsed when i started to hear what a crook he was and a FRAUD that what he was doing was illegal and he had no right to play with personal info as well as taking peoples money and having no responsiblility for following through and being honest .When he was confronted just today about the cpn # and how its not worth anything he responsed with a nasrty attitude of how everything should have been purchased through him other wise i wouldnt be left with nothing . | When I called him a Fraud and told him how i felt , he proceeded to be nasty and saying horrible things ,i realize that was due to the truth coming out about him and he doesnt like being confronted about the truth,this was all by texting and him being a coward and he replied that he could reverse everything he has done for me so far. He enjoys being a Bully to woman and threatning as well.It doesnt bother me but taking advantage then threatning ,I’m not the only person that is reporting him and his shady business dealings on here .If he cancels anything he needs to Refund my $ im not afraid to fight for something if needed.


Name: CanTech Solutions Ltd.

Country: Canada


City: Ontario, Canada

Address: 624 Justus Drive Kingston

Phone: 613-549-1258


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