Canyon State Car Care


This place is the absolute worse. Our family has taken our truck to get the transmission fixed over 6 times because it keeps breaking down after they initially “fixed” it. It is completely unacceptable. Owner was extremely unhelpful and rude. To top it off, they do not even offer a tow truck or pay for the service even though our truck has broken down 6 times after they supposedly “fixed” the transmission. Do not take your business here! THey rip off our military personnel at adjacent Luke AFB as several military personnel have reproted that this business has been sued and has changed the name of the businesss several times within just the last 4 years alone 3 times from AZ Perfromance transmission to Performance Transmission and then now to CANYON STATE CAR CARE ! Claiming to be a NAPA authorized repair shop with qualified mechanics also is a misleading tcatic to liure you in and rip you off by reporting faulty frivilous issues. THis shop lies about needed rapairs- true part cost and labor costs etc as they stole several thouands from us and many other airmen and senior citizens in the community of el mirage and ajoining cities — STAY AWAY FROM THIS DUMP.

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