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Capital Ford Matt Buckley Service Tech Incompetent San Jose, California!!. We sold and delivered a engine to a Mr. Buckley at Capital Ford. Three months past and Mr. Buckley contacted us and told us he had a problem with an engine and we believed him because he also told us he is an automotive technician at Capital Ford in San Jose, a Ford dealership. Because he claimed to be an automotive technician, we trusted his word. We did not ask to see the engine running in the car to check it, as is standard practice, and we did not offer to fix the engine, we simply trusted his word that the engine needed replacing and replaced it with a new one. Mr. Buckley claims that he never received a warranty, but he exercised that warranty to have the engine replaced. If he never received a warranty as he claims, how did he know what was covered through it? When most people purchase something that has a warranty, especially an automotive professional, they want the warranty with the product. We provided it and he exercised it. Lastly, the engine was replaced. He called approximately two months later, told us he had a problem with the new engine and would like to send us pictures. He sent us pictures of a disassembled engine parts that could have been from any engine. Everyone should know, especially at a dealership (even the car wash guy), that once an engine is disassembled the warranty becomes void because there is no way for the engine originator to validate the parts. Buckley told us he had proof as other techs were there. Between three technicians, not one of them knew that to disassemble a new engine would void the warranty? Think of it this way – you purchase a new mustang, your buddy thinks that it isnt running properly and the two of you take it apart. You throw all of the parts from the motor into a crate and have the crate and car towed to Capital Ford to have the motor replaced. The first thing the service writer would do is ask one of these three technicians to inspect the car to diagnose the problem. The tech would report to the writer that the engine is disassembled in a pile of nuts and bolts, and the writer, at that point, would tell you there is no warranty claim to be filed. We may not be Capital Ford, but our warranty is no different. When the motor was disassembled, the warranty was voided.

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