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Complaint: Placed an order for a owwd sah kit for my BMW was told a specific time it would be shipped due to a car show I was attending. over 6 employees LIED to me on shipping and the order. I paid for over night delivery and was lied to never was delivered. They claim mfg had made an error and would ship in 2 more weeks I told them ship everything but the piece which was bad they claim they shippied it to me after the date I left the state for the show. I was gone 2 weeks and still no product. They claim someone who they cant identify signed for my order the day after I left my home. No one was at my home to sign for an order and they cant provide me with proof other than a tracking number claiming it was signed for. Upon contacting the company they claim they cant do anything for me and they have fulfilled the order. Problem is I dont have it. Oh ya thats right I want to install two dash kits for the same car on top of each other. Very poor customer service and you wait on hold a ave of 30 minutes to speak to a rep. no one knows what the other person is doing in their own company. Very un organized and now I’m out over $500.00

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Address: 1 Corporate Drive Cranbury, New Jersey United States of America


Phone: 800-505-3274

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