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Car Line put my life in danger Stafford Virginia!!. on the first of Jan 2019 I saw this 2006 Gmc PU on cargurus as having 39,044 miles on it. I went to the dealer (Car Line) to look at it. The truck was clean for the year. I did drive it around the block only because it was low on gas. A buddy and myself looked it over as close as we could and notice that it had a DEC 2019 inspection sticker on it. by seeing this we just knew the truck had to be road safe, WRONG, On the way home about 150 miles, my buddy driving said the ABS light came on. I had a mechanic check the brakes and found that the wheels were completely rusted and he pulled one brake system and it fell apart, wore out. I ran it through a inspection station and the mechanic find a lot of defects that should never passed inspection. Went back to the dealership and JAMES (the manager)told my friend and I to get it fixed and would pay me back. To get the truck safe, I have already spent approx $1800 and it still need about $2000 more work to be safe. I have NOT seen a penny from this dealer When my friend was back up at the dealership, he walked around and saw a number of vehicles with new inspection tags on them. Woder how many were illigal? I am in the process of getting a civil warrant for the dealership, plus will inforn the Virgina state police of the inspection. I have 6 machanics that also looked a the truck and found the same defects. Because of the on issues with truck ,I have only driven it 700 miles.

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