Car2Go Complaint


Car2Go has a feature that will lock the engine so the car doesn’t start in case you forget to lock the door. I had no idea they do this since the app says nothing about it. The only problem with that was I was in the middle of nowhere (Olympic National Park) with no cell service. After walking 3 miles on Hwy 101, 13 miles away from the nearest town I was forced to call 911 for help (thank god that worked) but unfortunately three squad cars passed us heading to another situation. Finally I found a spot of cell phone service and called customer service to find out what was going on and explained my situation. The guy on the phone unlocked the engine on the car and after a 4 mile and two hour ordeal walking with my legally blind girlfriend through a rain forest the damn car finally started. Upon returning to the city I called and asked them if they thought their car was more valuable than my life? All I got were sorry, not sorrys and we’ll forward your concerns to the main office and they will contact you. Well they haven’t contacyted me back and the best thing I can say about their service and policies is that they are awful and wreckless. I am by no means a drama queen but this situation was not good and quite frankly dangerous. I shudder to think what would happen if a less compitent individual was stuck in the same predicament and was hurt or killed because Car2Go cares more about their car than their customers. Avoid at all costs

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