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Okay, I was married to my husband for 3 years. I thought we were happy. we had beautiful children and a wonderful home. Everything was the dream for the most part of our marriage. Then, This hoe bag showed up. I have no idea where they met. Probably while he was claiming to be working late. I kept seeing texts from a strange number and he told me it was a wrong number, that the person had been driving him crazy. I went on about my time. i believed him because i had no reason not to. || Well, one day i was at home with the kids and he accidentally left his phone at home. Well i ignored it for the most part but it kept going off all day long so i eventually went over to turn it off so it wouldn’t keep vibrating. When I picked it up I saw the most disturbing texts and pictures I had ever seen. She was highly pissed off that he hadnít texted her all day but i kept reading and found very graphic sexual messages. Everything from fully nude pictures of her fat disgusting body to her telling him that she would allow him to pee on her! So I texted her back and told her that he was married and that this was so messed up of her to be doing if she knew he was married. She responded with basically I was and prude bitch that didnít know how to please my husband and thats why he was running to her. So I left that alone. That told me all I needed to know. She knew he was married and didn’t care in the least. || When my husband got home from work I confronted him about it. Basically he was caught and there was no way he could deny what he had done at that point. So he admitted it said he was sorry and that he would never talk to her again. I wasn’t giving in after the disturbing things I saw I would NEVER be with him again. So beware of this skank she will sleep with you husband and not give a damn how you feel about it!

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