c They promise money but when you ask, they change their explanation Utah!!. I was really struggling for money because my husband got laid off from work and we have 4 kids so money was tight. I saw this ad on FB and I was like ok let me check these people out. I tried finding reviews about them and I saw that they seemed legit.I spoke with them and it cost me $35.00 for the decal and $10.00 for my DUI check. i THOUGHT that seemed fair because they promised me I would recieve a sign up bonus of $20.00 and because they did a DUI background ck on me, I would recieve another $25.00 if that came back clear, which it did. They also told me that If I didnt recieve any money within 90 days that I would recieve a $100.00 gift card just for trying. The last thing I was told that they have a once a year fee of $31.00 but not to worry about it because it wouldnt affect me until next september(2018) well, that was taken out of my account on 11/26/2019 and when I asked about it the lady told me she doesnt know why anyone would tell me otherwise that is their rule within 30 days of signing up comes the fee. So everything I was promised I was never given. Now I am out $76.00 and that is money my family desperately needs right now. I tried to log into my account that magicly dissapears when I try but they seem to be able to log in from their computer over the phone just fine. When I call and get a human on the line, they tell me “well, I can see your account is just fine so I dont know how your trying to log in.” Yet, they cant ever help ME log in when I ask them to or to reset my account that only works when they are on the line then it dissapears again. I did call and cancel my account with them today 11/27/2017, they said they are going to refund my acct the $31.00 lets see. This company is a HUGE scam and I am so sad that I fell for it. I really wish that someone can help my family recieve at least the $76.00 that they STOLE from me. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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