CarAutoCovers Rip off company- avoid or lose your money Anaheim Internet!!. Stay away from this ripoff business. I bought their best outdoor cover that was rated for “life”. Within 3 months the cover turned to dust. I was immediately authorized a replacement after I sent pictures, 5 months ago! Since then all I ever hear (and I only hear from them after filing BBB and state consumer complaints) is that the cover is “out of stock”, or “will be shipped this week”, or “will be shipped tomorrow”, but no cover, no refund, no nothing. Yet, thier website lists exactly the same cover as “in stock” and ready for shipment. While their cover may work OK when used in a protected garage, it is worthless for outside use despite their claims. Check the BBB sites for ratings before you buy, and you will see what I mean. If you order, kiss your money goodbye. The California, New York, and Florida Consumer Protection services have complaints about this business but no power to make them comply. The only way you can try to recover your money is by suing, and the they know the cost of an attorney is far more than the $145 original investment.

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