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Carburetors and more La Porte Texas Chuck Rosa automotive, carburetors La Porte Texas!!. CARBURETORS AND MORE Avoid them like the plague. I bought a carburetor from these guys and it leaked fuel into the engine. Which as you know fuel of that amount does not compress, so the fuel in my cylinder caused my starter to kick back which bent my starter bolts and left me stranded. When I called to have them honor the 60 days warranty he called me an idiot and said I didnu2019t know what I was doing and that I needed special parts to make it work. I have replaced hundreds of carbs and I assure you I know what I am doing. These clowns do not sell good products and they do not honor their warrantyu2019s. Please under no circumstances buy from them or you will find out like I have how truly unethical they really are. They donu2019t return calls, and they now have blocked my number. What a great way to treat your customers.

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