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I have read the comments on but unfortunately it was too late. I ordered medication from based on the prices (yes, too good to be true apparently) and the next thing I know I get an email from congratulating me on my membership. nI immediately went online to check-out card33 and find out how they “slip”” their membership into your online purchase. nI immediately went to cancel my membership to card33. I was told to go through urxpharmacy and there would be a link to cancel the membership. What a crock … after filling in the information to cancel the membership they cancel your whole order and still notify you that you will be charged 19.95 for the service fee. Why couldn’t they have at least filled that one order since they already charged me the service fee … oh that’s right … they’re CROOKS!!! nFour days later I get the 19.95 charge on my card. I felt I needed to call and check to make sure everything was cancelled

after all it’s June 11th and the whole thing started on May 30th (about a week and a half has passed). I talked to some guy named Matt on the phone and he checked my status … my order was “”still in progress”” and my membership was active!! nI’m calling my credit card company ASAP to make sure these slugs are out of my back pocket. It would be pointless to attempt to prove these folks are bad … it’s too obvious in the way they violate a terms and condition statement to hide their membership acceptance. That’s not what a terms and condition statement is for you stupid morons. Thanks for slowing down the progress of online shopping for the rest of us

you are truly losers. nDonnienThe Woodlands

TexasU.S.A.” Internet, Florida U.S.A.

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