C WASTE OF MONEY Henderson Nevada!!. This company is a Scam! I ordered the Gold Package for my husband’s and my car. The technicians arrived late, one proceeded to complain about the heat, while the other talked to my husband the entire time. With the Gold Package, waxing was included along with treatment of interior surfaces. Well not only did they NOT wax my car, they only waxed half of the top of my husbands car. No interior treatment was done to either car, just a simple wipe down with a dry rag. They also claimed to have removed water spots, just for me to notice the next day that they only removed the water spot from ONE wheel, while the rest of my car still had water spots. After I filed the complaint, they told me that they would come out to remove the spots for an additional $150 fee for EACH car! Mind you, I already spent $283 for both of the cars to have the “Gold Treatment”…what a JOKE!!! Basically, this was the most expensive car wash I have ever paid for and my car looks exacly the same as it did before they arrived. So, why would I spend even MORE money to have them come remove the water spots when they could not even complete the package that was ordered!? I WONT! Buyer BEWARE! Do not use this company! You will NOT get what you paid for!

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