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Complaint: Beware of Cardiac Solutions. Thank goodness they did not kill me. Stay away from Cardiac Solutions. If you want assembly line medical care, and no solutions this is what you can expect at Cardiac Solutions. Had been a patient of this medical practice since 2009, when I found myself in the ER at Del Webb Hospital in what was called A-Fib. Many more episodes of A-Fib, A-Flutter, PVC’s Tachycardia, and other arrhythmia’s always waking me out of sleep in middle of night. At one point I ask my Cardiac Solution Physician why this was always happen in the middle of night. His reply was that when most heart attacks happen between 11pm-3am. Honestly Cardiac Solution did zero to find the root cause of my electrical problem, and at one point their Electro-Cardiologist suggest a ablation. Yes they did testing but no test was ever done in their office. Their assembly line medicine involved being seen by a PA or Nurse Practicer, and then the real doctor would pop in for a minute or two, and on to the next patient Finally in 2015 I began thinking there has to be something causing all of these middle of the night episodes after another night in the ER. Went cross town to another group of Cardiologist that were recommended for just a second opinion. This group is diagnosticians, interested in finding cause, not just doing triage and keeping you coming back to making money billing your insurance, and getting your co-payments. The new cardiologist spent 40 minute with me listing to my history, examining me, looked at old ekgs & records. In 10 minutes the new doctor smiles saying I think I know what is the problem. Sleep Apnea causing lack of oxygen was triggering my heart’s electrical problems. He did a bunch of tests, change medication, later a sleep study overnight in a sleep lab confirmed I have server obstructive sleep apnea. Now I use a Auto-PAP at night, and have not been hospitalized since using the Auto-PAP. Wonder why the doctor at Cardiac Solutions never explored seeking the cause of & behind the electrical problems? Cardiac Solutions has 4 locations and all are owned and operated by the same doctors. Beware . Plaza Medical & Research Center 13128 N. 94th Dr. Suite #100 Peoria, AZ 85381 Tel: 623-876-8816 Del Webb Medical Bldg. A 14420 W. Meeker Blvd. Suite #305 Sun City West, AZ 85375 Tel: 623-876-8816 West 101 Gateway 9520 W. Palm Lane Suite #150 Phoenix, AZ 85037 Tel: 623-876-8816 Talavi Corporate Center 5651 Talavi Blvd. Suite #160 Glendale, AZ 85306 Tel: 623-876-8816

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Address: West 101 Gateway 9520 W. Palm Lane Suite #150 Phoenix, Arizona United States


Phone: 623-876-8816

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