Cardinal Lawns Review


I worked Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday 7 hours a day 28 hours plus made 3 sells at $50 each. And $10 an hour. So $280 +$150=$430.00 and recruited a new employee for this con artist company who advertised $520 a week but then said I would make $400 a week then said I would get $10 an hour plus $50 a sell. I received a check today for $89.27 They are a scam con artist telemarketing company I quit working at due to the high level of deception they make their employees get involved in. They lie to homeowners daily and con them into lawn services, company should be shut down and brian and other owners should be jailed. High level fraud. Blue collar crime operating in whitehall hilliard and westerville. Disgusting.


Name: Cardinal Lawns

Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Gahanna

Address: P.O. Box 30861

Phone: 614-808-4446


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