Care Auto Enterprise Inc Review


CARE AUTO ENTERPRISE ABE from Care Auto Enterprise inc. is a criminal and con artist. I am one of his latest victim in JULY 2018. He promised to get me a car in 3 three weeks 2015 S63 AMG Mercedes Benz and asked me to put cash half down to reserve the in the amount of $5000.00. I gave him a cashier check and he have me write up some paperwork with vehicle info. No Vin# nothing. after 4 weeks I called for status of my vehicle he said call next week it will schedule for inspection. I did call him next week and he said good news it pass inspection but I will get the car in 10 business days. I called him exactly on 10th business days and he said he will call me whne your car copmes in a very rude manner. Then I asked him my deposit back which he agreed right away. Whatever the nasty conversation I had with him that nioght I wont go into that details but all i can say I will not rest till I put this guy out of business regardless how much money I have spend in legal fee. This guy shouldn’t be in business who playing around people’s trust and think he is untouchable just becasue he is backed by some strong law firm behind him. I am a fighter and I will take him down and in order to protect his future victims. | THIS MAN NEED TO PUT IN JAIL WE NEED TO CONTACT TO ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE THEY CAN STOP HIM FOR FOR GOOD | TERRY THE WOMAN WHO WORK THERE SHE’S THE SAME AS THE SENIOR CITIZEN ABE THEY ARE BAD BAD BAD BAD PEOPLE’S NEED TO BE IN JAIL RIGHT NOW I GOT MY CHECK -$500 I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THIS MF IS IN JAIL | GUY’S GUY’S WOMAN’S WOMAN’S PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MSTAKE LIKE US DO NOT GO THERE THIS SENIOR CITIZEN HIS MAFIA | ASSHOLE WITH NO SHAMED THE SHERIFF OFFICE KNOW ABOUT THE SCAM THEY COME TO HIM NUMBERS TIME IT’S NOTHING THEY DO BUT TO REFER YOU THE COURT ABE KNOW THE POLICE TELL ME GUY’S DRIVE THERE CARS IN THE BUILDING BRAKE DOOR AND WALL HE ALMOST GUY KILL SO MANY TIMES BUT HE KEEP SCAMMING PEOPLE’S I WILL NEVER EVER TRUST ANY ASSHOLE LIKE HIM AGAIN IT’S GOOD TO GET REVIEWS FIRST BEFORE DEALING WITH ANY BODY ABE AND NASTY TARRY WILL NEVER STOP ALWAYS FISHING FOR HIS NEXT VICTIMS.


Name: Care Auto Enterprise Inc

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Hallandale Beach

Address: 1985 S Park Rd,

Phone: 954-548-5888


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