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No where does it say that there will be a fee that the doctor pays will be passed on to me. Dr. Manger is Saddleback eye center. I used the Credit Card for $2,000 towards my lazer surgery. The total was 3,900. Well, the statement from Care Credit says I need to pay 2,000 but only $1,686.07 was applied on the Saddleback Eye Center. They wrote off of 213.93 difference as a fee that the CareCredit charges them for me using the card. This was suppose to be interest free for one year. I would of never used this card. I should only pay the $1,686.07. nI also got my statement late and was charged $35. I always mail my payments quickly but I have no proof this is the case. nCarolnPomona, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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