Caribbean Cruise Line Colquitt Georgia Review


I talk with these people and I sounded kind of skeptical and they tried to persuade me that it was real. When i asked him how much this was gonna cost me, the guy hung up. I then called back and a new guy I talked to told me that I was chosen because of my age and profession. I then asked him how old was I and what did I do for a living and he had no idea. He said it would take too much time to research that but he could. He told me all of the details and used various respectable companies (Ramada, Atlantis, Budget, Alamo, and not on my form, but he insisted it was, Universal Studios) He told me that I had to pay the money now. My form said that I had 72 hours. He said that it was not after I called. I had to decide now and give him my credit card number now. I then laughed and said no thanks. How do these people sleep at night?

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