Caribbean Escape


These “agencies” are run by a known crook and scam-artist George Tsapelas (he also uses multiple known aliases) who scammed hundreds of people throughout the years. Please, look info on him online to read all the ripoff complaints. We made a travel arrangement for a group with a cost totaling over $17.000 and upon the hotel sign in process, the group found out that no reservations took place. This was a group of international travelers going for a conference, so all of the expenses had to be paid out of pocket. My mother and I were left outside of the hotel when we arrived because George never booked anything for us. He just blatantly stole money. George admitted to their fault, however keeps denying any involvement claiming that this was an issue with Expedia. No refund was given. This company still operates and scams people under a number of fictious travel agency names/websites. | Some of them include “AEGEAN TRAVEL”, “GRECIAN TRAVEL”,, “REKO TOURS”, “SUNNY VACATIONS”, “CARIBBEAN ESCAPE” What will happen is that once you call the office, the person on the phone will ask you who wants to Speak with George, and after a quick hold you will be told that George is out of his office and you should call some other time. If you end up getting a hold of him: Upon confrontation, George will tell you that the issue is related to a booking aggregator such as Expedia or use another reasoning for the mistake that occured, claim that he does not have money to cover the damage but will eventually. One of the reasons for doing so is extending time so that you don’t have an opportunity to dispute the transaction with your bank which only gives you 90 days since the purchase. In some cases, George issues customers a “refund” by sending a check which later on gets bounced by the bank. Its been about 5 months an we still dont have our money back. Beware and remember this name George Tsapelas

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