Caribbean Sun Airlines AKA World Atlantic Airlines Atlanta Georgia Review


Caribbean Sun Airlines (CSA)is operating the airline company in a most unprofessional manner. For months now, Tino Gonzalez, CEO of CSA, has been promising to pay me money that I was to be refunded from Caribbean Sun. I have been more than patient with Mr. Gonzalez, however, after months of being given the run-around, I started to demand restitution. Since then, Tino has avoided my phone calls like the plague. Furthermore, allextensions at Caribbean Sun are now forwarding toMr. Gonzalez’svoice mail. It would appear that Caribbean Sun is folding like a house of cards, as you cannot even find a website for this company that will accept flight reservations, anda human can’t be reached on any of their phone numbers. Be advisedthat if you do business there is a chance thatCSA will take your money and run.I would not be suprised if they closed thedoors on the airline tomorrow, so I’m also not suprised I’ve been lied to about beingpaid what I am owed.

P.O. Box 660479 Miami Springs, Florida United States of America



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