caring for your pain bracing


Someone called my 90 year old father about back pain. They misrepresented themselves as a medical professional. He thought it was his doctors office calling him. They asked him if he had back pain and when he responded yes ( almost all seniors have back pain) they transferred him to a "telemed" doctor who asked him a few questions and then "prescribed" him a back brace. The Brace arrived in the mail and medicare was billed. I called the number on the invoice and told them his doctor did not prescribe this and that they should send me a label for return. This is how I found out about the whole process of the "telemed" doctor. The woman on the phone told me that if we returned the brace they would credit medicare. I insisted they send a prepaid label for pick up since Dad does not drive and could not take it to a fed ex drop off site. They sent a label in the mail but it arrived after the pick up date. It occurs to me he has received several of these devices over the years.I can’t imagine how many thousands of other seniors have been duped as well.

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