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Carite of fort myers, Brite financial 1991 got ripoff on car lease. please help Fort Myers Florida!!. Hello, Me and my fiance were looking for cars and because of our 2 repos in our credit we had no luck. we went to the dealer called Carite of fort myers on 4201 fowler st. fort myers fl,33901. our salesperson was Jay gonzales, we like this 2018 honda civic lx with 44,703 miles. we test drove it and fell in love with the car. we started the paperwork and because our credit we got told from the finance manager that we could not buy it that we had lo lease the car and the lease it was only for a year. we don’t like a lease because we just paying the dealership and pretty much is like renting the car. but me and my fiance talked about it and said only for a year we can do that. so we agree and sign the papers and was given the vehicle and were very happy with the vehicle. a year passes by and we had about 3 weeks till we had to turn in the vehicle so we take it to the dealership and said we are here to turn in our vehicle. the finance manager comes out and says you have this car for 4 year lease and we said no we got it for a 1 year lease. they showed us on the contract where it said 4 year lease we were to believe it was a year lease the whole time since and now they said they meant its that we can change cars every year up to the 4 years. we have not missed one payment on car and main reason about 1 year lease its so we can fix our credits in that time. they told us there’s nothing they can do for us to call Brite Financial company. we called and they told us you can return it and but it will be considered a voluntary repossession and that is not bad to our credits if we do that. we didn’t listen because we don’t want to hurts our credits more and have another repo and kept the car. right now there’s nothing we can do, we feel helpless. we don’t want a 4 year lease we only wanted a 1 year lease. me and my fiance don’t have any money to get a lawyer. i had someone take a look at my contract and the rent charge is $10,308.40 and the note of the car is $15,101.00. we got ripped off. please stay away from this dealerships at all cost. they only want to put you on a lease and take your money and not help you at all. i talked to the new General manager there Brian. and he pretty much told me what he thought. he was not rude or anything but did acknowledge that Carite is wrong. he said he spoke to Brite financial and they said that my car is worth 8k. how can the car depreciate value from $12,995 to $8,000 in one year? i have only 58k miles on it now. so we would have to put $5k to get out of contract. Brian was very nice and understanding since the old General manager and my salesperson were no longer there. figures right?. i just want to be out of this contract and have my down payment back. please help. stay away from carite. i will post this everywhere till i get my full down payment back and the car returned without hurting our credits.

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