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Here is another bait and switch rip-off that Carl Black gmc of Roswell pulled. In the middle of Sept 2018 I drove onto the used car lot at Carl Black on Alpharetta hwy. I was in the market for a GMC truck. I found one I liked and negotiated the price.My salesman ran back and forth to the manager to get his approval causing this process to take approx. five hours. I was ready to leave but finally the salesman said “will you take the car tonight at this price?” I said yes and Both the salesman and I signed the contract. The salesman and manager insisted I leave a $500.00 check to cement the deal because it was by now near 9:00pm and they could not get the car ready for me that late in the evening. I left a personal check for the $500.00 with the salesman as requested. The next day I called and they said come on down and get your truck! I went to my bank and got a cashiers check for the balance and drove to the dealership ready to pay for my truck. I noticed the salesman and the used car manager looking oddly at each other like there was something going on between them. It was then that the manager told me that he had made a “mistake” and he could not sell me the truck at the previously negotiated price of last night. He gave no further details but tried to get me on a “new” truck saying how great the incintives were. I insisted that because he had kept my $500.00 check overnight and both of us had signed a contract that this was a done deal. Bluntly, he refused to sell me the truck ! But to make matters worse I had to call Roswell City police to get my $500.00 check back. They did get the check back into my hands so at least I did not have to worry about it floating around inside the dealership or worse. Folks; these people are no better than theives who are operating just within the boundries of where the law can’t touch them. They will cheat you if they can. PLEASE, PLEASE, stay away from here.

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