Carla Hudson Byron/ Fort Valley, Georgia Georgia


Wives we all know that it takes two people to have an affair. My husband is to blame as well as this home wrecking piece of trash (Carla Hudson). Because she knew my husband was married with kids and her married a** still cheated with him. It all starts with a blank text, (it was very weird) around Thanksgiving break 2013 we were all home just chilling watching T.V. and my husband’s phone goes off. Since I’ve always answered his phone, I checked the message. He walked up to me and asked me who it was, I said I have no clue it’s a blank text. He told me, “babe text the number back and ask who it is”. So I did then this paragraph came in explaining how it was the wrong number and she (Carla Hudson, from Fort Valley, Georgia) did not know the text had sent. Looking at the text seemed weird because most people want explain that much they would just say wrong number. So at that moment my intuition kicked in. However he was home, his phone wasn’t going off his email seemed normal. So now it’s the second week of December. One day before my husband was going to work his phone starts to ring. He answered and a man said, “Is this Carla”? My husband quickly hung up. Ok, he usually does not act like that. The phone rang again he sent it to voicemail, again another unusual act from my husband. Then a flood of text start coming in. The first text asked, “Do your wife know about you and my wife”? So I snatched the phone from my husband’s hands and called this person. This man starts telling me that his wife and my husband are having sex. They have been having sex since August of 2013. His wife supposedly felt bad and couldn’t face me. She had seen me at my children’s pediatrician’s office with my husband and children, apparently she has the same one (but she lives two towns away from us, I did not believe that whore, she stalked my husband, because she was jealous my husband was with me according to her husband). She knew that my husband drove a black BMW. He just kept going on about everything, as he was talking my stupid ass husband couldn’t do or say shit! So, when the tramps husband started telling me that his saggy tit wife told him, that my husband couldn’t have phone calls during the times he was home, she had to call and text him while he was at work. Then I stopped him and said wait! Oh so she really knows that he’s married with kids and her husband said yes she knows, and then starting to explain that she feels really bad and knew it was wrong. Well for real, yes the bitch was wrong. But if she felt so f**king bad why did she keep f**king my husband, and texting him?I do not feel sorry for her or my separated husband. If he wants to throw 20 years of marriage away on some low budget whore that is uneducated that’s them. I caught her calling his phone one day when I went over to pick up the kids, he let me answered but she had hung up. Then she tried to say I was stalking her but quickly I had to check a hoe! Because I’m not losing sleep over this tramp. She kept texting my husband’s phone trying to say crap to me I quickly let my husband know that was his problem, he let in and created. I also told her if she wanted to talk or text me she has my number, however she never did I guess she did not want that harassment charge I threatened her with. And also my husband had cursed her and her husband out and told her never to call, text, or speak to either of us and our children. He also told her he did not want her anymore and she was nothing to him and a bunch other stuff, however his words did not ease my pain or help me to stay. She is so dumb she thinks its smartness, but its hillbilly dumb. She talks like a man and looks like a Yeti from the movie Star Wars, she’s so ugly it’s Crazy. Nonetheless the dumb whore stopped texting so I guess she got my d**m point! || Yes I’m mad because, hell she’s not worth losing or breaking up a family for. I actually respected my husband for a long time and thought he was a smart man, but he’s not! She’s a mother of children however she doesn’t want anyone breaking up her family so why in the hell will she think that it’s okay to break up mine, her and her husband are working on their relationship. Her husband is a broke a** with no job, of course he’s not leaving. Me?  The bitch can have my husband and her husband too, because I’m gone!!! It’s nothing like a woman scorned, pissed, mad, or whatever you want to call it! She enjoyed every bit of what she did to my family around the Holidays now she’s going to enjoy this! Now the whole world can know that you’re a f**king Home Wrecker!! How you like dem apples WHORE!!

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