Carli Faith (Moore) – Lamar, Missouri Missouri


Beware: This girl will pretend to be your friend to get closer to your husband/boyfriend. I had the unfortunate opportunity of meeting this narcissistic trollop when she tried breaking up my family at an extraordinarily difficult time in my marriage and home life. She smelled blood in the water and like sharks do, tried to come in for the kill. Luckily, she did not win and did not get to sleep with my husband. She tried her best though by telling sob stories of her own husband beating her and how she is so neglected to gain attention from men and plays on the instincts of good humans’ desire to help those in need. She’ll tell the wives/girlfriend of the men she is chasing that she just wants to be friends and will even invite you and your kids to events to reinforce the illusion that she has innocent intentions and in the meantime will be inviting your significant other out to things with just the two of them. || She sleeps with every guy friend she has ever had and goes from one man to another without any regards to her own two children’s well-being; she brings them around her children right from the start, even a man on trial for the rape of a fourteen year old. If this girl is in your life, watch for the evil witch hiding underneath her well fabricated mask. She has no self-respect for herself and spreads herself far and wide and she will try viciously to mess up your life and then accuse the innocent unsuspecting wife/girlfriend all the things she is secretly doing. I know only men can let her into their life to become a homewrecker in the first place, but she will get a good man who tries to help others caught up in her drama fueled life and then will try to get her fingernails firmly gripped into their back. She is the true definition of a low-class bitch who thinks she is entitled to other people’s happiness because she messed up her own marriage and life with drugs and drinking and whoring around on her own husband.

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