Carlos Marron


I recently replied to an apartment for rent listing on Craigslist Monday,December 16, 2019. The listing was for a studio for rent at 405 6th Ave San Francisco CA. This is a link to the original add:…⇄ it was flagged for removal after I had already applied to the apt through a website.I wish I had not replied to the ad I had some suspicions it was too good to be true, but did not follow my gut feeling. Nevertheless I corresponded with a gentleman whom had quite a sophisticated set up as far as scams are concerned. He had real photos from an actual apt, and website etc. His name is ( I am sure it’s an alias) Carlos Marron email [email protected] Property Manager License ID: 01397062 Tel: (415) 233-6872. Mr " Marron " tried to get me to pay up front to" hold the apt" also stating I could pay for 6 months or a year in advance. He also linked to a website that I assume must be dubious, here is the link: This website still shows the listing I responded to. Unfortunately I showed up at the Apt 405 6th Ave at 12 to check it out and buzzed the managers office at the Apt they of course had no idea what I was talking about, or that there is was apt available in the building.Needless to say I just want to make sure you are aware of this scam and hope it does not happen again.

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