Carmac Auto Finance


Carmac Auto Finance Carmac AFS(Winnipeg), Rhineland Car (Altona) Over charge people on vehicles, Fake Vin numbers Rip off employees Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada!!. This company cannot be trusted. They like to rip off all their customers before you buy a vehicle from them I would strongly recommend taking your contracts to your local dealer before signing a contract with them! All their used inventory is off enterprise which they will tell you was a demo or lease “THEY ARE LIEING”!! Recently they have also been getting vehicles approved with a high model vin number and sending the customer a lower model vehicle! They don’t care about the customers at all just their pockets. Please be very wary when dealing with them as I was overcharged 10,000 on a f-150 I am trying to trade it and now cannot because i overpaid so much!!! D*MN THESE SCUM!

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