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CarMart Net LLC Sold a lemon and charged extra for replacement lemon! Fergus Falls, Minnesota!!. My sister-in-law purchased a car from the dealership. The car had issues from the minute it drove off the lot. After speaking with Megan, one of the partners, we agreed they would look for a different car at the same money to replace the lemon. They found a car and charged my sister-in-law additional costs for rental fees while they searched for a car. This was not the agreement. Megan is not much of an owner as she hides behind “her partner” who is nothing but a bully who hides behind the desk. Upon acceptance of the 2nd car, my sister-in-law agreed to pay an additional $532.00 and they agreed to fix the dashboard electrical and driver’s power window. They never did make arrangements to fix the car and are illegally holding the title as hostage for the car. My sister-in-law has not paid the amount due, because it is her only leverage to have the repairs made. CarMart Net is threatening to repossess. When we tried to call yesterday, they, not knowing who we were called us back. When we explained the problem, they did not want to talk about it yesterday and wanted us to make an appointment to come to their office. Megan complained she could not hear us on the phone and we offered to call her back. When we called her back, her “partner” Nuchy (?) got on the phone and threatened us with “federal” action for calling on that line. Nuchy was difficult to understand as English is not his first language and it appears he has very little knowledge of US laws. Nuchy accused us of operating a scam and hung up on us. When we tried to call back, they did not answer any subsequent calls. We tried 2 more times. On the 2nd call, we left a message informing them that we would be at their office at 2 pm on 5/30/2018 and expected to resolve the issues and leave with a clear title. Since my sister-in-law agreed to pay $532 and they agreed to make repairs, we would like to see the cost of the repairs deducted from the $532 as follows: less $170 for the dash circuitry and less $70 for labor to repair the driver’s window. We are prepared to pay a balance of $287.00 and would like a clear title upon payment.

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