Carmax, Alameda N.M.


Carmax, Alameda N.M. Extended Warranty Fraud Albuquerque New Mexico!!. I bought a 2005 PT Cruiser from this Carmax location in November 2012. In the entire time I have had the car, I have had to put alot of money into repairs as well as preventive maintenance. 2 weeks ago, I paid $3200 to repair the engine of which should have been covered under the extended warranty. A week after I get the car out of the shop, it goes back in because it was overheating. The radiator seems to be the problem and although radiator replacement is not part of the “not covered” clause, the Maxcare /CNA extended warranty people are telling me that they refuse to cover the cost because unless it is dripping antifreeze, then it is not a mechanical problem. When I tried to argue the case that the radiator is the only thing left that the diagnosis has yet to eliminate as the problem, they said that the shop said it was not a mechanical problem but a restricted flow problem. Among the other repairs that should have been covered are the busted gasket seals that were leaking oil into the spark plugs, corroded battery cable, all of which should have been covered otherwise why get the extended warranty at all.

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