Carmax Fountain inn, South Carolina


Complaint: Me and my wife purchased a 2001 chevy impala from the wonderful carmax in febuary of 07. In less than a month we already had problems. in fact we have had more than twelve issues in the last eleven months. Three times the car has refused to start, only to sit for thirty minutes to an hour and crank. they have “fixed”” the problem or so they say each of the three times

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Address: only to have the same problem in a month or two. Now it is happening for the fourth time. My wife is now thirteen weeks pregnant


Phone: and has found herself stuck in freezing temperatures for a half to a full hour twice. Now she is sick with the flu. Hopefully the baby will be ok. We have had the transmission rebuilt as well as the coolant system rupture a couple of times within the 11 months we have had the car. I feel they should give us another car for all the time and trouble we have spent worrying about the car. Do not i repeat do not buy a car from carmax they will rip you off. I am paying 18

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