Carmax Horrible place to work and purchase a vehicle Brooklyn Park Minnesota!!. Actually letter from manager humiliating the sales staff Clearly the staff and customers are just numbers not humans . We had a challenging week last week. To avoid a repeat this week, let’s break down where the gaps are by looking at the SCOR report. As a store we closed at 9% which brought our MTD close rate down to 13%. Our credit app booking percentage last week was only 24%. MTD is 34%. Let’s break down individual performance for the week by SM teams: Team B Neither P nor T sold any units. Combined, they only had 10 customers. T had three prime credit approvals and did not book any of them. k, K and G all closed below store average. Kenny and Mike had the highest close rates on Team B with 11%. K only booked 18% of her credit apps. M only test drove with 10% of his customers and only ran credit with 20%. Team Y R and S sold ZERO units and only saw 19 customers combined. A closed at 4%, E at 7% and Amy at 8%. L had the highest close rate at 25% followed by E at 14%. A only booked 11% of his credit apps and A only booked 10%. E was below average in both test drives and credit apps at 18% and 25% respectively. Team A Everyone sold cars! I closed at 10% and T at 11%. Top closer was L at 29%. I only booked 17% and T only booked 20% of their credit apps. Compared to P who booked 35%. I only ran credit apps with 29% of his customers. Let’s look at individual performances for month-to-date: Team B Pand T have the lowest close rates at 6% and 8% respectively. P and K have the lowest credit app booking at 17% and 24% respectively. Followed by T at 25%. P T K, M and M are all below store average on credit apps per customer. Lowest is P at only 18%. Team Y R has the lowest close rate in the store at 3%, followed by A at 9% and A at 10%. A and A are the lowest at booking apps with 20% and 23% respectively. Everyone else is above store average. R and E are below store average on credit apps per customer. Team A T has the lowest close rate at 9%. Everyone else on the team is above store average. P and T are the lowest in credit apps booked at 26% and 32% respectively. T, Iand V are below store average on credit apps per customer. So, how can we make sure we finish the month strong??? Let’s look at individual impact: Team Bob Kristi and Gordy are seeing the most customers and both are below average on test drives. Kristi is also below store average on credit app booking. Ted would have sold 2 more cars this month if he was closing at store average. His credit apps run and booked are both below store average. Team Yuri Ryan and Augie have seen 108 customers combined and only sold 7.5 cars. Ryan is the biggest impact. If his close rate was at store average, he would have sold 4.5 more cars. Team Adam Tobias. He is below average in running and booking credit apps and his close rate miss caused him to lose 2.5 units to store average. As Sales Managers, what can you do to impact the business this week: Keep the focus on the focus associates but as you can see, we have some bright spots with a couple of our traditionally low performers. Let’s help some of our other consultants that might be struggling this month. Kristi, Ryan and Augie come to mind when looking at the numbers. Run the plays as designed. Be a great MOD and when not MOD, make sure you are running high-value eOffice check-ins. Stick to the basics. Appointment prep, test drives, credit apps. Help your team sell cars! What do we need to accomplish this week? We need 58 cars for the week Y you need to deliver 23 units. That is 3.5 per FT consultant and 2 per PT consultant. A, you need to deliver 18 units. That is 3.5 per FT consultant and 2 per PT consultant. Set individual goals for each of your sales consultants for the week to meet your team goals. Set the goals ASAP and communicate them to each person on your team. Then, keep score and have some fun!! Let’s have a WINNING week!!!! G S Location General Manager Brooklyn Park, MN

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