Carolee Haney Review


Eris Investments LLC is a fraud company. Carolee Haney, Principle of the Company was given $30,000.00 for a flip investment house in 4629 Glenbrook Lane Palm Harbor, Florida. Apparently, all lies. They take the money and never gives the money back or a return. She says she has no idea and acts dumb about it. Haney and her associate Jerrry Ferrara cheated money from me and several other people. Including Linda Arrobang Wilson of Costa Mesa, lost $230,000.00 that was given to Eris Investments LLC. All gone and refuses to call back or answer any questions. Now only lawsuits ain California are pending.


Name: Carolee Haney

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Palm Harbor

Address: 4629 Glenbrook Lane



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