Carolina Comprehensive Health Network Review


Carolina Comprehensive is the most unprofessional clinic I have ever seen. The Nurse Practitioner Penny Pope kept saying”, im not seeing any f****** patients right now, im going to smoke!” Need I remind you, she said this in front of all the patients in waiting room..While I was there, I also observed an altercation between Penny, the nurse and Angela Slate..the three of them had a patient cornernerd yelling and putting there fingers her face..the patient was so spoken up she called the police..when the police came I started video taping the police outside as they arrived..Angela Slate the suppose to be manager then started raising her voice at me demanding me to delete my video..I told her no and I did nothing wrong .she then threatened to discharge my boyfriend who was not even inside the clinic at the moment..he was sitting in his truck. Later the next week, I guess she decides to follow through on her threat because they did discharge him and for that, we are about to sue..!!! .

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