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Carolina Select Auto Never buy a vehicle from these con artists. North Augusta South Carolina!!. I saw an ad on craigslist for a1994 Jeep Wrangler only 104000 miles which is excellent for a1994. I was a little apprehensive that the company didn’t have a web site but thought I would go look at the Jeep anyway. I get to the lot and it’s obviously a mom and pop car lot. I inquire about the Jeep and they inform me that it is in the garage, but only because they have the doors off. I ask if there is anything wrong with the Jeep that they know about and the answer is no. Lie number one. So they bring it out and I crank it and immediately hear the serpentine belt is bad. When I say something it’s “oh yeah, we were going to replace that”. Apparently the doors weren’t the only reason for it being in the garage. I wait as they go get the part and fix it. They fix the belt and I take it for a test drive. The Jeep is a manual so as I pull out of the parking lot and switch gears I can hear the gears grinding. Uh oh bad clutch, or so I think. I drive it around and bring it back. I want the Jeep but i’m hesitant with the two obvious lies I’ve already been told. I tell the owner about the transmission . and he offers to take the price of the clutch off of the price. I agree and paperwork is signed. I have had the Jeep two months now and have not been able to drive it as a month into owning it a fuse blew and none of the gauges work. I replaced the fuse and it blew again. Now when I say gauges this includes the speedometer. There is a short in the system somewhere. Now mind you out is drivable without the gauges, and here is where I think I was ripped of the most. When you drive the Jeep with the gauges not working the mileage does not increase! I believe the Jeep has more miles than I was lead to believe and I believe they had full knowledge of this when they sold me the Jeep. Now the Jeep has another electrical short and won’t even crank. It has power, the starter is good, but there is another short in the system. Bottom line is stay away from this place. There are other reputable places to buy a used vehicle. They buy junk then put tape on it to get it out the door then you are left with nothing but a money pit.

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