CAROLINE BENNETT California Review


Caroline Bennett Photography and communications at Amazon Watch . We will soon provide a BOYCOTT AMAZON WATCH Facebook page if Caroline Bennett contiues to promote her personal business page on the AW facebook page. We will also issue a BOYCOTT CAROLINE BENNETT Facebook page if the non sense does not stop. First, CAROLINE BENNETT (Molina) HAS NOT WON AWARDS FROM any of the media outlets for which are mentioned on her website. In fact, she has not been published in many of the media outlets mentioned on her website. Look at the egomanical manner in which this woman extends her manipulation – she dragged an indigenous man into a photo gallery where her photos were and asked him to look at them. She then took photographs of him looking at her photographs! CRAZY GRINGO!! Caroline Bennett got an indigenous man to stand there and look at her photos so she could-take-photos-of-him-looking-at-her-photos —-so she could than post the photos of him looking at her photos on AMAZON WATCH!!! Very clever con artist. CAROLINE BENNETT WRITES: “Powerful to accompany Klu00e9ver Ruiz

President of the Su00e1para Nationality

as he saw Amazon Watch images of oil devastation elsewhere in the Amazon for the first time at the La Amazonu00eda que nos queda: Verde y Negro En-Contraste’ exhibit currently traveling around Ecuador. “”Neat to run into my images in Puyo as part of the ‘La Amazonu00eda que nos Queda: Verde y Negro En-Contraste’ exhibit traveling around Ecuador. Powerful to watch as Klever

president of the Su00e1para federation

reacted to oil devastation elsewhere in the rainforest. Need more informative visual exhibits like this!”” Clearly

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