Carolyn Grace Matteo Review


My friend at the time, Nadeea, ran a ad to hire a "personal assistant". Unfortunately, it did not seem to go very well. Nadeea & Carolyn had allegations against each other. I’m not going to get into that. At the time, I wanted to help. I attempted to diffuse the situation by paying Carolyn Grace Matteo for her work. Carolyn & I seemed to come to an agreement. However, she later sent me an invoice with charges that did not make sense. I, of course, did not agree to pay for those charges. We have another phone conversation and seem to come to another agreement. We agreed that I would send her a check to her address. She said she would text her address to me. The text did not come. Instead, she filed a number of allegations against me and has smeared my reputation. Unfortunately, there is no way to retract such allegations. It seems like she is still at it. Talking to her was tough because she was angry & yelled at me on the phone. That being said, I am not responsible for her & Nadeea’s issue. I recommend that they get together and resolve this issue.

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