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Talk about two companies with no concern for delivering what you paid for! In the second half of October 2010, I purchased a carport from, who apparently is a rep company for Coast to Coast carports. Lost Valley carport was very quick to take the 10% down payment and I was told it would be 2-3 weeks until it was delivered and installed. Well, it is now 9 weeks later and I still have no carport!. After waiting four weeks and not hearing anything I contacted Lost Valley carports. No help. I was provided a phone number for the scheduling manager at Coast to Coast carports and was told to call them. Why am I doing this? Left three messages for this person at Coast to Coast. No return calls whatsoever! Five weeks after placing the order (end of November 2010) I received a call from Coast to Coast carports scheduling my installation for 12/7/2010. I arranged my business trip around this and said okay. At 5:00 PM the day before the installation I received a phone call from C to C canceling the appointment with a reason of “the material truck didn”t show up”. Give me a break. What reputable company schedules an installation without having the materials? The company then wanted me to rearrange my schedule to support an installation on Thursday that week instead (12/9/2010). No can do, I”m on a business trip. I told them I needed this installed during the week of 12/20/2010, and they said okay. At the last minute that week C to C called to schedule the installation for Thursday, 12/23/2010. Within 24 hours they had called again to cancel and said they would be there Wednesday the following week (12/29/2010). At that time I asked for a discount for all the inconvenience and was offered 5% off. Oh gee! Hold me back on that one! So, the next week when C to C is supposed to be there I get a call on Monday 12/27/2010 canceling again and re-scheduling to Friday 12/31/2010 with the same lame material truck not here excuse. Two days later I get yet another call saying they can”t make Friday and will be there Saturday 1/1/2011. Since I”m very tired of re-scheduling my life around these people I requested another 15% off my order and told them I do not believe for a minute that they will be here on Saturday. C to C denied the additional 15% discount for my inconvenience and promised they would be there on Saturday. Yesterday, 12/30/2010 (Thursday), I get two calls from this company. The first is from some guy with such bad English that I can”t even understand what he said. The second is from the scheduling office stating the crew refuses to work the weekend so we won”t be there until until Wednesday, January 5th 2010. Who runs this company, the equipment installers? Good grief. At that point I asked for the owners name and I spoke to the scheduling manager. I asked the scheduling manager if they even care about customer service. The answer was yes, but as usual there was nothing they could do, and they would not offer any additional discounts for the (5) cancellations. At that point I canceled my order, and I”m here now sharing my experience so no one else will make the same mistake. When we asked to be put in contact with the owner we were given the run around about the owner is never there and hard to contact. When we asked to be duly compensated for all these cancellations the supervisor we spoke to at Coast to Coast (Gail) told us that the owners attitude is to lose an order and a customer rather than do whatever is needed to make it right for their customers. When I”m done here I will be sending links to this complaint board to Coast to Coast so they can see what kind of reputation they are building. My advice: DON”T EVER DEAL WITH COAST TO COAST CARPORTS OR ANYONE SELLING THEIR PRODUCTS. YOU WILL BE SEVERELY FRUSTRATED AND DISAPPOINTED.

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