Made a reservation to rent a car at Car Rental 8 LLC for Alamo service and was charged before hand. 3 days later, the pick up date, I called the company’s number to verify as to where the car needed to be picked up and spoke to a rude employee who did not answer any of my questions and just transferred me over. I was transferred over to a nicer employee that worked for Alamo at the Mesa airport and informed me that I had to have a major credit card in order to rent the vehicle. I do not have a major credit card and the website did not specify that you needed one at the time of the reservation. I was unable to get the refund at the Mesa airport location because it was purchased online as a 3rd party from Car Rental 8 LLC. I then called the company’s number again, of course get the same rude employee who then said that I was unable to get my money back. I told her the entire situation and still refused. I asked to speak with a manager, she refused and said no. So the Car Rental 8 LLC. for Alamo charged me $173.03 just 3 days before picking up the vehicle and did not get any service, did not get the car rental, and now I’m not getting my money back. That is not right.. I demand I just want my money back. I don’t recommend them

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