Carrie Gallaher Florida


Carrie Gallaher is the craziest type of girl you’ll ever encounter in the online dating world. With just less than a month of her late fiancees passing – she searched on tinder for casual sex. She ended up finding a man who she would invite and have intercourse with on the SAME bed her deceased fiancee slept in. If that’s already not screwed up enough, for someone to be able to do such a thing than one can assume shes easily cheated on her deceased fiancee by the name of Grant. How someone can so easily sleep with another man on the same bed her fiancee laid in is beyond disgusting. Here’s the funny catch,she would ask her ex (deaceased) fiancee’s – parents to watch her kids while she “took time to grieve ” which of course was an actual cover up for “screwing a guy I met on tinder”. She then jumps into a relationship with the same guy she met on tinder,only using him as a scape goat from loneliness. She’s done drugs in front of her two children without a care in the world, and as well has shoplifted on several occasions in front of her two sons – to the point that on the day of her fiancee’s funeral,she went to jail for shoplifting at target. If you see this girl,run the other way – she has two children, bipolar disorder as well as a drug abuser. Shes not to be trusted. She has the body of a drug fiend,to better describe her – she looks like a meth addict.

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