Carrington Court Burnsville Minnesota Review


While living at Carrington Court for over three years I had not encountered too many problems, but when I moved out it was a different story. I had heard of other tenants being scammed by this company, but I never thought that they would attempt to take advantage of me when I moved considering the immaculate record I had with them as a renter. When I moved I was told by office management that I was a “great tenant”” and I “”should have nothing to worry about.”” I later received an invoice claiming that I was responsible for over $ 2000 worth of phony undocumented damages. Luckily

I held onto my move out inspection which clearly shows that I am not responsible for any damages beyond normal wear and tear. Ultimately

I will be going to court in order to get back what is rightfully due to me

because corporate ignores my dispute regardless of the evidence I have against them. Unfortunate for my family we will not have this money in time for the Christmas Season. Carrington Court/Hayloft property has an extensive history of taking advantage of individuals that may not be aware of their rights as a tenant. Here are some steps to protect yourself if you decide to rent from Hayloft Properties. 1. Save all of your paperwork2. Go over your move in with a fine tooth comb. Do not miss anything

because they will hold you responsible for damages from a prior tenant if you miss it. Don’t rush through it.3. When you move keep move out inspection and takes pictures of absolutely everything just in case they add charges later or try and blow the charges out of proportion

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