Carroll Tire


Sold two sets of tires to me through a third party(Curtis Tire, my tire man). One set were for my trailer- 8 wild Country tires, 7 of which seperated before I sold the trailer. Once instance nearly caused a major accident on the highway. Carroll tire said they were old, they would not make them good. They should not sell old tires to begin with. I sure as hell did not have them for seven years or even seven years before they started blowing out. The other set were Double coin- a set of four Curtis put on my dump truck. I had the same problem with these tires too. Carroll tire said they don’t sell those tires any more. I wonder way. None of these tires had many miles on them. I was lucky no one got hurt or killed when I had blowouts on the highway. Carroll tire should be held responsible for these tires. They should not leave them in the warehouse and allow them to get old or they should not sell insufficent tires for the application. They took these tires off the market for a reason. I should be compensated. Michael Wesley Chapel, FloridaU.S.A.

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