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My name is lisa and i bought a vehicle from cars for cash the person that took care of me was luis and glen .luis tried to talk me into another different vehicle that was really missed up then i told him about the buick rendevous that i now have .he told me you are very lucky you got the best on the lot and that he would sell these cars to his grandmother sad but true well i test drove the vehicle & it seemed to be good so i took it thinking wow i got me a good car .i guess they fix these cars to run good just for the first daty or so the suv i bought is not good at all the day after i test drove it the speedometer didnt work anymore , the driveshaft cable busted i had to pay 100 to fix that check engine light on awd disable light is on when i come to a stop the vehicle shakes like if a cable i about to bust it leaks oil, and it also has a gas leak which is very dangerous could be the regulator i dont know im a woman so some car dealers take advantage of that thinking we dont know anything the ac worked only a few days i took it to them & they put freon in it and come to find out they over filled the ac pressure that holds the freon i am very upset with them yeah he took 1500 off of my balance but i was way over charged for this vehicle to begin with im paying 10,000 for an 04 buick rendevous i found out that this suv is only worh 3800 in the kelly blue book and also found out that in 2007 there was a recall on these vehicledue to gas leaks i have 3 children that are always with me in this vehicle a 18 month old ,10 & 12 year old i am a single mother and i dont think what they did was right i wish i could get all my money back that i have paid and put into this vehicle.

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