CarSense CarSense Sold me a Car with a Creaking Noise then wont Fix it or Respond Cranberry Twp Pennsylvania!!. I recently purchased a car from your Carsense location in Robinson township, PA. While the initial purchase process went smoothly, the following month of ownership and my experiences with your service department have been sorely lacking. I initially purchased the car on October 13 and the salesman Kyle Cuneo was very helpful and accommodating. I chose to purchase from Carsense because of your great reputation, easy sales process and trustworthy certification process. However, 10 days after I initially purchased my car I started experiencing a creaking noise from the front steering wheel of the car when I turned the wheel. Let me be clear that if I had experienced the creaking noise within the 5 day return period I would have simply exchanged it for another car, however because it happened 10 days after the purchase I called the Cranberry service department and scheduled an appointment to bring the car in for servicing. At the service appointment the service technician was able to fix the problem after he greased the steering column. In addition, we found out that the spare set of keys that was provided at the time of purchase did not work and he had to reprogram the keys to work with my car. While I was annoyed that I had to get the car serviced so soon and that the salesman gave me a key set that didn’t work, I appreciated how quickly the problem was solved. Unfortunately on November 5th I started hearing the creaking noise intermittently. I called again and made another appointment to bring the car in on the 8th.Over the weekend the creaking noise started getting louder and more frequent. In addition while in the city with my two young children the heat shield became unattached from the car. Upon further inspection it appeared that only one of the pins was attached and the heat shield was hanging and dragging on the pavement. As I could not detach the heat shield from the car without damage the car I was forced to drive around for the next 3 days with a heat shield scraping against the asphalt. At this point I was beyond annoyed and was quickly losing confidence your “rigorous 109 point inspection”. Anyways I made it to my appointment, again with my 2 year old toddler in tow and explained the problem again to the service receptionist. After telling her about the hanging heat shield she told me those things fall off all the time and not to worry. This in itself worried me as if your service department knows that they fall off all the time, why did no one bother to check it is the initial inspection as obviously I didn’t lose 8 pins in the last 3 weeks of driving around suburbia. While the heat shield was successfully reattached, the technician claimed that he could not hear the creaking sound. I was asked to come out to the garage and show him the sound. I had assumed that the technician had at least driven the car around the parking lot as I had told the service technician that the creaking sound could be heard when the car is in park and turning the wheel and when the car is turning and pulling into parking spots and at low speeds. The technician did get in the car with me and drove the car on a test ride. He identified the sound and then continued to tell me that all cars make that sound and it was no big deal he had a car in last week making that sound. I proceed to tell him that my husband owns the exact same car in year, make and model and our other car does not make that sound. In addition, I proceed to tell him that the car originally did not make that sound when i bought it for the first two weeks and it stopped after he had greased the steering column and that now it was back. He said it sounded like something rubbing together. He said he remembered me from last week and that he remembered that the steering wheel column had been bone dry and needed greasing. He then told me my car was under warranty with Nissan and he would talk to the service receptionist. I went it to wait for my car fully expecting him to at least look at the steering column again as he had now heard the creaking noise. Within 5 minutes I was called up by the service receptionist and she gave me a sheet a paper and told me all done.The paper said contact Nissan about your warranty. At this point I was furious and just told her this was unacceptable and that I would be calling the salespreson who sold me the car…After all didn’t Carsense promise a 6 month warranty on the car, everything down to the wiper blades?? My next call was to the Robinson location where I bought the car. I was not able to get ahold of Kyle, but I did get ahold of the sale manager Tony. He assured me that he would contact his service manager and Carsense would take care of the problem. They would give me a loaner and work with Nissan directly to get my car taken care of. While still frustrated with the horrible service at the Cranberry location, I felt better that the problem would be taken care of. I did call the local Nissan dealership and talked with the service manager there to find out if creaking in my make and model of car when turning at slow speeds was common or a known problem or how the car was suppose to operate as your technician had told me. He said no and at that point I made the decision that I would never take my car to be serviced at the Cranberry location again. The Robinson service manager was able to give me a call and we chatted and I explained the situation to him and he assured me that he would call me back later that day or the next day, Wednesday the 11th at the latest with a solution. Today is end of the day on the 13th and I have not heard from anyone at Carsense. In addition on the night of the 12th I posted a post on your facebook page summarizing my experience with Carsense. Someone responded to my post on the morning of the 13th that someone would be contacting me shortly (nobody has) and then later today deleted my post. Coming from a marketing background, I was very disappointed to see this as it is not only unethical it undermines the integrity of your business. Needless to say I am very disappointed with the service and i hope someone at CarSense will at least contact me to rectify the situation. At this point I don’t want to deal with this headache and risk the chance that CarSense will “fix” the car and then have the problem repeat itself when the car is out of warranty. I just want a similar car with NO CREAKING!!!!

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